Pub Skills: HR Summit 2018

Tuesday 27th February | M by Montcalm – Shoreditch Tech City, London



Pubs and bars offer a wealth of opportunities for young people to learn, grow and explore a wide range of careers. But despite the opportunities, many employers in the pub industry struggle to recruit and retain employees. Part of the problem is the inaccurate perception that pub jobs are a stop gap rather than a long-term career option.

During this half-day conference we will look at:

– How the sector can improve its public image to attract the next generation, Gen Z or Millennials, and hold on to key people
– How pressure on employers is only likely to increase as high employment levels create a candidate’s market
– What the most effective routes open to operators when it comes to staff development and making the most of funding and government support
– Practical solutions for developing employees in their own businesses

The Morning Advertiser’s people management event will tackle all the above and with the help of expertise from partners, provide skills resource to the thousands of UK pub businesses.

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If you are interested in attending this half day conference, please contact Stevie Robinson on 01293 846508 or email